Web Site Development Ideas

New Web UI/UX Architecture

Website Gating & Access Control

PowerPool DAO is a form of cooperative investment club that operates on the basis of gated/controlled access to the inner workings of the DAO. Gating access is important for limiting the omnipresent scammers who threaten not just the customer experience, but their wallets as well. Wallet-based access control will verify CVP/xCVP/LP CVP tokens on many channels in Discord, and all web-facing PowerPool domains. For evolving regulatory reasons, it may eventually be necessary to qualify potential investors over certain limits with NFT verifications.

Investing in privately-managed (or algorithmic) TradFi crypto hedge funds requires a minimum investment 'ticket' to gain access. In TradFi, this is typically roughly at least $300-500,000 to invest, while meeting KYC and restrictive, discriminatory Authorised Investor status. PowerPool is much, much more accessible and inclusive, broadly-diversified, self-custodied and a transparently DAO-managed option. The main purpose of 'gating' access to the PowerPool DAO Discord and Forum channels to only those who hold sufficient CVP/xCVP is not to exclude typical investors, but rather to protect the DAO's common space, limiting the amount of 'noise' relative to 'signal' by discouraging 'memers', shills and scammers, and by restricting proposals/comments/voting to only those with sufficient 'skin in the game'.

Technology like Unlock and Mintgate makes it easy to develop wallet-aware xCVP-based access controls for web-based properties like certain parts of the Website, the Forum, etc

Website Specification & Management Issues

Registered domains...what are the registered Internet domains under control of the PowerPool DAO multi-sig? How do we best mitigate risks of DNS hijacking? Spoofing and other wallet keys/seed phrase phishing scam sites?

Do we have any ENS addresses? What are the best scam-proof domains for:

  1. DAO Community Wiki - currently Notion shareable public URL, but no gating
  2. DAO Forum - public and gated private sections for xCVP holders
  3. DAO Governance - gated for xCVP holders
  4. Public website - links to restricted Forum & Governance, as well as swap/stake CVP
  5. Power Universe Trading/Staking page - which wallets to support?

Website Architecture & Design-Figma Workspace

Winning Figma workspaces:

Figma Design Workspace

A collaborative design space for new website has been established on Figma:

SparkDesign Team members wishing to help on the website/Forum/Governance web presence can be sent this Figma invite link: https://www.figma.com/team_invite/redeem/w0M0x78t7y70TgQzaGHDcg

Figma files can be embedded directly on this Wiki page (see below)