THORPOOL: Thorchain/RUNE Growth Pool Proposal

THORPOOL: Thorchain/RUNE Growth Pool Proposal

Thorchain-native cross chain trading via RUNE

(disclosure: I hold RUNE)

The soon to be fully uncapped Thorchain offers the only cross-chain trading ecosystem that allows native, unwrapped BTC and other cross-chain assets to earn yield from LPing and lending, without wrapping, without IL, and with very low transaction fees. Vast amounts of BTC in particular will flow towards Thorchain LP pools, but because these pools all require pairing with RUNE (similar to Bancor), RUNE will be in high demand. Those looking to HODL BTC will prefer to borrow RUNE rather than sell half of their BTC. The tokenomics of RUNE are attractive, but the yields from lending and LPing will likely be high and sustainable.

Opportunity: PowerPool should launch a RUNE-based high-yield vehicle allowing investors to achieve a (partially-hedged) high and sustainable running yield on RUNE via a simple ERC20 token held in their Ethereum wallets, tradeable on the PowerPool website. PowerPool would manage the RUNE acquisition and bridging process, and seek to optimise the yield dynamically across lending sites and LP pools across both chains. (Contest idea: name this token...Loki?)

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