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Crypto DeFi is early-stage VC-type investment, requiring very broadly-diversified basket/index investments with high levels of automation to harvest intrinsic yield, capture the value of aggregated meta-governance power to expand options for also earning extrinsic yield, and create hedging options to offset volatility while harvesting rewards.

Off-chain crypto investment funds ask minimums that exclude all but very large portfolio investors. On-chain crypto asset management competitors offer only too-broad packaging of inflexible investment vehicles with mechanistic and passive weighting schemes, no flexibility to make frequent changes, no automation to auto-harvest intrinsic yield, and no hedging options...all at too high fees

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Market Definition: Outlook for Decentralised ‘Baskets’/’Indices’ (from Bankless Dec 2020)

Product Definition: Differences between Stock Indices and Crypto ‘Baskets’

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