BSCDEFI Messari Listing Page

BSCDEFI Messari Listing Page


BSCDEFI is part of the PowerPool Power Universe family of thematic, actively-managed, broadly-diversified pooled investment tokens. The BSCDEFI token represents a share of a periodically updated shortlist of 10-15 DeFi-focused projects operating primarily on Binance Smart Chain.

Token Rights

The BSCDEFI token represents a share of an actively-managed investment pool that at launch contained various BSC DeFi tokens: CAKE, XVS, MDX, EPS, BAKE, ALPACA, LINA, AUTO, ALPHA, DODO, CREAM, ALPACA, SPARTA and TKO. It is possible that since launch, similarly-qualified new tokens have been added to the underlying pool and the relative weightings adjusted. The current exact composition of the pool can be found on the PowerPool website. The tokens in the pool are actively staked for rewards and qualify for meta-governance and other distributions, all of which accrue to the token-holders while sharing the transactions costs across all the investors in the pool.

The Power Universe

The Power Universe is an actively-managed 'family' of pooled investment tokens allowing any investor to take broadly diversified, (usually hedge-able) positions on emerging themes in digital assets WITH auto-harvested rewards at very low shared gas costs. Pool tokens are frequently also components of larger, broader pools, giving broader, actively-managed exposure to more of the tokens in the Power Universe, effectively 'funds of funds'. The number of thematic pools in the Power Universe and their component weightings is constantly being adjusted by the PowerPool DAO based on continuously-monitored fundamentals and evolving sentiment among knowledgeable PowerPool xCVP stakers, known as 'Illuminati'

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