Why PowerPool?

Master in English: Why PowerPool?

Crypto-based DeFi has proven attractive, but for the average investor, achieving an actively-managed, broadly-diversified exposure across many promising tokens, while aggressively managing and collecting the rewards available, with composability permitting responsible hedging, is best achieved by saving both time and money via an activist pooled investment management platform like PowerPool.

For at least the next year, and probably longer, Ethereum will struggle to transition to POS and, above all, to scale. It is possible than despite many EVM protocols moving to L2 roll-ups or sidechains, surges in transactions traffic and arbitrage bot spamming will keep Ethereum ecosystem gas fees too high for the average responsible investor to achieve thematically-balanced, actively-managed, broadly-diversifed, rewards-rich and hedge-able portfolio on their own. The PowerPool Universe value proposition posits that responsible investing in the likely future Ethereum ecosystem gas fee environment is best managed by pooling average investors' tokens together with thousands of others.

PowerPool pooled investment vehicle tokens can be minted directly, but to save gas fees, most investors will simply buy them on DEXes. The composition/weighting of some of the token pools are actively managed by the stakeholders of the PowerPool DAO, while the composition/weighting of other composable pools are managed in partnership with other DAOs to provide a full range of thematic investment options; borrowing/lending, synthetic shorting, and derivatives positions using perpetual futures and options. However, the average investor need only hold a gas-efficient self-managed mix of Power Universe family tokens, which can be traded/swapped gas-free on the PowerPool website. The PowerPool DAO governance CVP tokens can be staked/redeemed as xCVP tokens, earning a share of the NAV of the DAO Treasury, essentially an ownership share in a crypto hedge fund. Quadratic voting minimises the influence of 'whales' in managing the DAO affairs via xCVP/LP CVP tokens, which are also used to access 'gated' portions of the Community's online presence, such as the Forum Product Development discussions.

基于加密的 DeFi 已被证明具有吸引力,但对于普通投资者而言,在许多有前途的代币中实现积极管理、广泛多元化的风险敞口,同时积极管理和收集代币持有者可获得的奖励,并允许负责任的对冲的可组合性,需要一个激进的集合投资方法。

至少在明年,甚至更长时间,以太坊将难以转向 POS,尤其是规模。尽管 EVM 协议转向 L2 汇总和侧链,但交易流量和套利机器人垃圾邮件的激增可能会使以太坊生态系统的天然气费用过高,使普通负责任的投资者无法实现积极管理、广泛多样化、主题平衡的目标, 奖励丰富且可对冲的投资组合。 PowerPool 价值主张认为,对即将到来的以太坊生态系统 gas 费用环境进行负责任的投资,最好通过与其他数千人汇集在一起进行管理。

PowerPool 汇集的车辆代币可以直接铸造,但为了节省汽油费,大多数投资者会在 DEX 上购买。部分代币池的构成/权重由 DAO 的利益相关者主动管理,而其他代币池的构成/权重则与其他站点联合管理,以提供全方位的可组合投资选择;使用永续期货和期权进行借贷、合成空头和衍生品头寸。普通投资者只需要持有 PowerPool 家族代币的高效自管理组合,即可在 PowerPool 网站上进行无燃料交易/交换。 CVP 代币可以作为 xCVP 代币抵押/赎回,提供 DAO 财政部资产净值的一部分,本质上是加密对冲基金的所有权份额。二次投票通过 xCVP/LP xCVP 代币最大限度地减少了“鲸鱼”在管理 DAO 事务方面的影响,这些代币也用于访问社区在线存在的“门控”部分,例如论坛产品开发讨论。