CNHDEFI Components & Weightings

CNHDEFI Components & Weightings

Opportunity: PowerPool should launch a pooled vehicle capturing exposure to a basket of Cosmos/IBC tokens that will benefit disproportionately from the completion of the Gravity Bridge to Etherium DeFi.

  1. Terra/LUNA Ecosystem - Uses WASM/IBC
  2. Terra, Mirror, Anchor, Lido, Pylon & Mars Research

    Terra is an open and transparent monetary platform built on Cosmos. It offers algorithmic stablecoins & tools to provide users with all they need to manage their money. It's gaining a lot of adoption in Asia-Pacific. TerraUSD ($UST) is their biggest stablecoin

    MIRROR - synthetics partner

    ANCHOR is a savings and borrowing platform. It pays savers a fixed 20% per year. They can pay so much because they do over-collateralized lending and then stake the collateral on major PoS networks.



    Mars - Borrow/Lend

  3. Osmosis/OSMO - Launch Pool partner?
  4. Injective/INJ
  5. Kava - cross chain lending (see below)
  6. Regen Network/REGEN
  7. Akash/AKT
  8. Sentinel/DVPN
  9. Persistence/XPRT
  10. IRISNet/IRIS
  11. Umee
  12. Oraichain / ORAI
  13. / ALEPH
  14. Astroport

Cosmos Research