Balancer Partnership

Balancer Partnership

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Draft Collaboration Agenda:

  • Balancer BAL token to be included in POLYDEFI pool;
  • Balancer to join PowerPool in proposing an actively-managed POLYDEFI pool (agreed) (with hedging synthetic partner Deus), using an initial Balancer 80/20 launch pool with CVP+BAL rewards. Contacts: Polygon Foundation: @Hamzah Khan (Head of DeFi), @AsifKhan (DeFi Team); Balancer @?
  • Balancer to provide a grant to PowerPool roughly $100,000?...PowerPool to use this for...(CVP grants to the underwriters of the POLYDEFI Balancer launch pool?)
  • PowerPool to establish operational CVP/Tokens Treasury pool using Balancer Metastable Pools and investigate establishing Balancer Power Universe pools enabling investors to re-balance their portfolios for free;
  • Balancer has tweeted about PowerPool/Power Universe as innovative use case inspiring Balancer v2. Balancer will also Tweet about future plans to use Metastable Pools, batch swaps and internal balances? (see link to Balancer tweet about PowerPool below);
  • Balancer to diversify their Treasury via investment in neutral/yield pool YLA(POOL);
Draft Partnership Publicity Article:

Idea: Balancer to help with an article outlining the uses PowerPool makes of Balancer pools, and why Balancer is a better platform for active asset management, with rewards harvesting and dividends/re-investment than Sets2 or Enzyme, for example.

Draft text for Partnership Tweets:

(link to 1st Balancer tweet)

Draft Brief for Partnership infographic:


Potential Uses of Balancer Pools

Balancer 80/20 pools could be used for launch pools at lower CVP rewards budgets. Balancer is promoting the example of Aave:


Balancer on Polygon: Does this mean we can migrate to Polygon if we want to?