Product Management Process

Vault Deployment Considerations
Metrics & Analytics
Data Sourcing & Analysis

Investment Management by DAO

PowerPool DAO not only develops the PowerAgent Automation Network supporting modular EVM-compatible Vaults, it also conceives, constructs and markets thematic, highly-diversified, and highly-automated intelligent baskets/indices allowing investors of any size to take positions on emerging investment themes in DeFi. $CVP tokens staked as xCVP entitle stakers to a share of the streaming asset management fees associated with TVL/AUM attracted to PowerPool investment vehicles. Staking xCVP ALSO entitles stakers to vote on a range of recurring internal product management decisions relating to developing thematic baskets with a schedule of yield optimising strategies for each token in a basket, the percentage weighting of each token in a basket, the inclusion/exclusion of a token from a given basket, the proportion of a given sub-basket/pool in a higher pool-of-pools, and the decision to launch new thematic pools and pools-of-pools. As the size/value of the pools under DAO management grows, CVP tokens acquire more and more value due to their meta-governance power over other protocols, as well as their influence over internal value allocations within baskets/pools managed by the DAO.

Designing, Tracking & Re-balancing Baskets/Indices