Product Management Process

PowerPool’s product development solutions are based on PowerPool‘s PowerAgent automation Network, supporting industry-leading modular EVM Smart Vaults. PowerPool believes that ever-higher levels of automation will be required to offer the combination of shared pool fee economics, diversification, intrinsic yield harvesting, extrinsic yield opportunities and meta-governance power over value flows.

PowerPool also welcomes proposals from external investment managers looking for a fully-automated operating platform supporting prime minting of specified approved investment baskets, both open baskets shared with the public or closed private baskets.

Smart Vaults

Smart Vault Deployment Considerations

In partnership with base protocols like Yearn and Balancer, PowerPool has long been developing modular, EVM-compliant, pooled smart vaults that interact with DeFi opportunities powered by the affiliated PowerAgent automation network. Examples include the new TornadoCash staking vault with automated harvesting and the ppTORN derivative token.

Stablecoin Pool Yield Products

Stablecoin Research

Yearn-based pools:

Starting with YLA (Yearn Lazy Ape) PowerPool has been a leading innovator in bringing automated staking yield management to stablecoin pools.

Balancer-based pools

AURA Integration

Diversified Baskets

In crypto, the same pattern of staking/locking holdings in return for yield extends to more volatile risk-on tokens as well as stablecoins.

Rationale for Diversification in Crypto:

Investment Management by DAO

PowerPool DAO not only develops the PowerAgent Automation Network supporting modular EVM-compatible Vaults, it also conceives, constructs and markets thematic, highly-diversified, and highly-automated intelligent baskets/indices allowing investors of any size to take positions on emerging investment themes in DeFi. $CVP tokens staked as xCVP entitle stakers to a share of the streaming asset management fees associated with TVL/AUM attracted to PowerPool investment vehicles. Staking xCVP ALSO entitles stakers to vote on a range of recurring internal product management decisions relating to developing thematic baskets with a schedule of yield optimising strategies for each token in a basket, the percentage weighting of each token in a basket, the inclusion/exclusion of a token from a given basket, the proportion of a given sub-basket/pool in a higher pool-of-pools, and the decision to launch new thematic pools and pools-of-pools. As the size/value of the pools under DAO management grows, CVP tokens acquire more and more value due to their meta-governance power over other protocols, as well as their ‘bribe’ influence over internal value allocations within baskets/pools managed by the DAO.

Designing, Tracking & Re-balancing Thematic Baskets/Indices

Metrics & Analytics
Data Sourcing & Analysis