FAQs: Why ‘baskets’ & xCVP staking?

Why invest via diversified, actively-managed PowerPool ‘baskets’ like $BSCDEFI (and soon many others)?

Why stake xCVP in PowerPool DAO?

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Q-00.) What is the PowerAgent Network? How does this affiliated automation network support multi-chain composable Vaults/Baskets and how does it drive value to CVP?
Q-01.) What is PowerPool’s technology advantage in modular, flexible, high-yield vault design?
Q-02.) Will PowerPool vaults with wrapper and router technology, and the PowerAgent automation network support various types of thematic baskets/pools and pools-of-pools, some actively-managed by the DAO, others passively-managed and some externally managed by third parties?
Q-03.) How quickly will the future DAO governance process be able to react?
Q-04.) How can we manage risks of some or all the details of our planned changes to shortlists and basket positions becoming public?
Q-05.) Wouldn't ‘star’ investment managers perform better than a DAO? Can active DAO management do better than more traditional passive, relatively-fixed weight multi-token ‘indexes'?
Q-06.) How are ‘exchange rates’ between CVP & xCVP calculated when staking with open market CVP, and when redeeming xCVP for open market CVP?
Q-07.) Should we prioritise listing CVP on as many DeFi sites as possible; across DEX, lending, synthetics & derivative sites?
Q-08.) How much participation in the frequent voting will we achieve and how many proposals will actually achieve the quorums and threshold results required for action?
Q-09.) What does fundamentals tracking involve, what can be tracked, now and in the future? How does tracking differ for different thematic pools?
Q-10.) As a data-driven, analytics-based investment fund manager, what metrics does PowerPool track, both on and off-chain?
Q-11.) How to transition/migrate the existing public pool tokens like PIPT, ASSY, YETI to structured products more manageable in a low gas fee setting off Ethereum mainnet?
Q-12.) Why does PowerPool prefer to market multi-token vehicles as ‘baskets/pools’ rather than 'indexes'?
Q-13.) How will free trading among all the PowerUniverse tokens work?
Q-14.) What are the advantages of creating a legal vehicle to represent the DAO?