PWRPOOL Flagship Pool Composition

Below is a preliminary view of what the flagship PWRPOOL token composition could look like once the migration of legacy pools tokens, airdropping of CVP and launch of planned thematic pool tokens has been completed:

PWRPOOL - Evolving Power Universe 'Fund of Funds'

ETHDEFI - Pool of L1+L2 DeFi on Eth
  • PPSDEFI - Ethereum-based DeFi (with Synthetix & Aave) {Issue: Cake & Luna}
    • POLYDEFI - Polygon DeFi

ALTL1DEFI - Pool of alternative L1 DeFi Villages
  • BSCDEFI - BSC-based DeFi (with Sparta & Venus)
  • CNHPOOL - Cosmos Hub & Terra Ecosystem
  • more....