High Level PowerPool Roadmap

  1. Launch auto-harvesting of intrinsic yield for $BSCDEFI using PowerAgent and new vaults on BSC for CAKE, XVS and EPS. Plan initial re-balancing of $BSCDEFI and announce launch of PowerAgent on BSC. List $BSCDEFI on CoinGekko, Messari and other listing sites. Improve $BSCDEFI listing on PancakeSwap and bolster liquidity for BNB/BSCDEFI swap pool;
  2. Post/Revise PowerPool new promotional text on CoinGecko, Messari, Github and other web-facing sites to drive developer/PowerAgent recruiting and xCVP staker DAO membership;
  3. Leverage agreements with NEAR/Aurora & HarmonyOne to develop/deploy PowerAgent, and plan sequencing of modular EVM-compatible vaults and composition of yield-oriented baskets/indices such as $NEARDEFI and $ONEDEFI;
  4. Plan similar deployments of vaults/baskets/indexes for PowerAgent automation on other EVM-compatible ALTL1s like $AVAXDEFI, $FTMDEFI, etc. Launch pool-of-pools $ALTL1DEFI containing multi-EVM chain single tokens and bridge tokens, as well as sub-pools like $BSCDEFI, $NEARDEFI, $ONEDEFI, $FTNDEFI, $AVAXDEFI etc.;
  5. Develop Ethereum L2-based pool-of-pools $(ETH)L2DEFI including multi-layer 2 and bridge tokens, as well as layer-specific sub-pools like $POLYDEFI, $GNOSDEFI, $OPTIDEFI, $ARBIDEFI, $ZKDEFI etc. Launch PowerAgent nodes on L2 sidechains/layers like Gnosis Network and Polygon;
  6. Re-implement PowerPool website with revised content from this Wiki, including direct interfaces for staking xCVP, for staking single constituent tokens directly into underlying PowerUniverse vaults, and minting pools and pools-of-pools, with links to token-tracking dashboards, future provision for insurance purchases and eventually free direct swaps between PowerUniverse tokens;
  7. Approve new DAO governance rules and product development/analytics and re-balancing processes with increased rewards to grow DAO membership and participation;
  8. Use meta governance power accumulating from baskets to pursue listings for basket tokens on multi-chain lending and derivatives/shorting sites like Beta Finance, Synthetix and Spartan (BSC). Develop shorting token options permitting holders of pooled tokens to hedge the entire pool via borrowing and shorting, enabling the creation of delta-neutral hedged positions harvesting both intrinsic and extrinsic yield with minimal risk to capital;
  9. With DAO approval, launch PDAOPOOL pool of merged legacy pools to unify and resolve the future of legacy ETHL1-only pool tokens PIPT, ASSY & YETI, with airdrop of CVP to facilitate staking as xCVP.
  10. Once the PowerUniverse family of long, neutral/yield and (perhaps) defensive hedged public pooled vehicles is established, enable website support for free internal swaps among all Power Universe pooled vehicles and launch PWRPOOL, the flagship top-level fund-of-funds-of-funds which especially institutional investors can leave on 'auto-pilot';
  11. Add a fiat gateway/on-ramp to PowerPool website allowing investors to directly buy PowerUniverse family products on the website;
  12. Once the new PowerPool website with free intra-product family swapping has been established, together with a fiat gateway, add integrations with investor aggregation/portal/wallet sites like Coinbase wallet, Zapper, Zerion, CoinGecko, and wallet providers, etc.;
  13. Once PowerPool platform is credible as a TradFi hedge fund partner, expand marketing from individuals towards TradFi hedge funds trying to enter the crypto space.