High Level Task List

  1. Syndicate revised composition and weights for BSCDEFI with BSC/Wintermute, launch BSCDEFI and agree future collaboration with Beta Finance. Fundamentals tracking initially manual
  2. Implement prototype of PPSDEFI and formally notify Synthetix DAO with proposal for cooperation, possibly also to include debt hedging pool. Propose fundamentals tracking with Flipside chain crawlers including zero-weighted candidate tokens on shortlist and collaboration between two DAOs on future re-weighting process;
  3. Plan launch of similar pools/indexes on EVM ALTL1s like POLYDEFI, AVAXDEFI, FTMDEFI, NEARDEFI etc
  4. Verify/affirm the future terms for pool investors and xCVP stakers. Consider rewards treatment of CVP LP tokens and meta-governance-based push for listing xCVP as lending collateral (CREAM & Venus);
  5. Reconcile new hedge fund vision with PowerIndex protocol development roadmap... dAMM + tracking, collecting and re-investing/distributing rewards on pooled assets, onsite gas-free intra-Power Universe swaps, borrowing/collateral management, NAV reporting etc.;
  6. Revise promotional text on CoinGecko, Messari, Github and other web-facing sites to drive recruiting and xCVP staker DAO membership;
  7. Implement up to 9 new functions-based SparkTeams under a delegated ‘hub’ DAO structure; appoint/elect all Team Leaders; launch Guilds to organise DAO skill groups;
  8. Re-implement website with New Vision content from Wiki and direct interface for staking xCVP and tracking rewards, together with links to token-tracking dashboards, with off-chain, gas-less voting on incentivised Re-balancing Proposals and future provision for free direct swaps between Power Universe tokens and eventually a fiat on-ramp;
  9. Approve new DAO governance rules, Dutch SPV siftung, then encourage CVP holders to begin staking xCVP via the PowerPool website;
  10. With DAO approval, launch PDAOPOOL pool of merged legacy pools to unify and resolve the future of legacy pool tokens PIPT, ASSY & YETI, with airdrop of CVP to facilitate staking as xCVP.
  11. List PowerPool Power Universe pools on Nexus Mutual/Armor/iTRUST to make protocol abuse (hacking) insurance available to investors in CVP/xCVP and all Power Universe pooled vehicles;
  12. Broaden listings of CVP across multiple chain DEXes, starting with PancakeSwap on BSC then probably the launch DEX on Polygon and so on, plus listings on lending, synthetics and derivative sites to attract arbitrage liquidity and facilitate eventual future shorting at scale;
  13. Following example of CVP listings initiatives, launch more voting power governance initiatives to cement partnerships with other DAOs to multiply listings of target tokens to attract arbitrage liquidity and facilitate eventual future shorting at scale;
  14. Once the vision of a Power Universe family of PowerPool funds (similar to dominant TradFi packaged equity fund managers like Vanguard and Black Rock) has been achieved, add a fiat gateway/on-ramp to PowerPool website allowing investors to directly buy Power Universe family products on the website;
  15. Once the Power Universe family of long, neutral/yield and (perhaps) defensive hedged public pooled vehicles is established, enable website support for free internal swaps among all Power Universe pooled vehicles and launch PWRPOOL, the flagship fund os funds which invesotrs can leave on 'auto-pilot';
  16. Once the new PowerPool website with free intra-product family swapping has been established, together with a fiat gateway, add integrations with investor aggregation/portal sites like Coinbase wallet, Zapper, Zerion, CoinGecko, and wallet providers, etc.
  17. Once PowerPool platform is credible as a TradFi hedge fund partner, expand marketing from individuals towards TradFi hedge funds trying to enter the crypto space.