Management Board & Core Team - Summary Key Points (TL;DR)

  1. Ban the use of the English word ‘index’, forever!  NOTHING that PowerPool has ever done (and even what some others are doing) is really an ‘index’. Always substitute the terms ‘(dynamically) weighted shortlist’, ‘pooled vehicle’, ‘fund’ or just ‘token’. Legally, in the U.S. the wording is “collective investment scheme”, although for potential regulatory reasons we must also be careful in not describing PowerPool as a "hedge fund", but rather a decentralised, shared end user utility that allows investors to operate their own personal "hedge fund";
  2. Clearly communicate the PowerPool value proposition to the market: achieve actively-managed broad thematic diversification with rewards-rich and hedge-able pooled positions sharing insights and gas fees with thousands of fellow investors without KYC and non-inclusive, discriminatory Accredited Investor barriers;
  3. The Powerpool DAO’s mission is primarily to curate a thematically-balanced family of weighted shortlists of tokens of interest, some to be held in various pooled vehicles, including held by the DAO Treasury itself; with dynamic (re-)categorisation via staked xCVP representing a share of Treasury NAV, (quadratic) voting consensus; continuous re-weighting based on time-delayed off-chain gas-free flash polls, one set of shortlists for each grouping of L1/L2 tokens of interest;
  4. Support three types of structured investment strategies; long/bull, defensive/ counter-cyclical/short/bear, and neutral/high-yield - all managed through PowerPool DAMM protocol with automated dynamic weighting based on a combination of fundamentals and continuous timely xCVP stake-weighted sentiment input from the DAO;
  5. Introduce long ETH & BSC DeFi pool tokens that mirror synthetic DeFi tokens being launched, starting with a rewards-rich 'real' long version of the new 21-token Synthetix sDEFI…and soon after a BSCDEFI equivalent (see Proposed New Product);
  6. Once the PowerPool DAMM protocol is successfully mirroring synthetic ETH & BSC DeFi pool tokens, use the corresponding inverse/short synths to create market neutral high-yield products farming rich rewards across the full range of Ethereum & BSC DeFi with hedged price risk and additional equalisation (initially unvested) rewards for the DAO from SNX or other synthetic platform tokens. (see New Product Development);
  7. xCVP accrues value not only via fees, but also from returns from front-running listings via governance, rewards for holding large inverse defensive positions and returns from neutral yield strategies executed via the DAO Treasury, whose NAV is linked to xCVP redemptions, driving the prices of the CVP/xCVP token pair hopefully (defensively) upwards. (see Tokenomics & DAO Treasury Management);
  8. Extensive sourcing of data feeds/analytics tracking key fundamental metrics (only for shortlisted tokens of interest), via an evolving version of PowerAgent (real-time for the protocol), but also cumulative time series, predictive analytics and decision-support visualisations only accessible to xCVP stakers holding the minimum 1,000 xCVP ‘Illuminati’ club membership stake in their wallets. (see Data Sourcing, Tracking & Analytics);
  9. State-of-the-art (open source) Wiki, Forum and DAO governance coordination tools, e.g. some combination of (Discourse, Boardroom, Snapshot & Rabbithole) should be adapted to support investment management processes with features like restricted access to wallets with minimum amount of xCVP. The Forum platform should support routine, frequent (unweighted) gas-free voting, forced-ranking shortlist management, with time-delayed result reporting, etc. Formal DAO governance platform for non-routine proposals governed with quadratic weighted on-chain voting and significant incentivizing rewards for adopted proposals and voting participation. Re-organisation of DAO active participants among 8 functional sub-teams, with recruiting drives/videos guiding interested participants towards each team (see Teams Overview);
  10. Overall marketing campaign begins with publicising the English-language vision statement and value proposition together with this long form Medium article to attract into the xCVP staker community of primarily qualified, engaged investors, some very high net-worth and some with TradFi hedge fund experience, all looking for informed crypto investment debate via structured, granular, token-level data analytics-based and discrete community-sourced governance to continuously guide a rapidly-evolving generalised family of long/neutral/short crypto funds (see Memes and Infographics).
  11. Once the new PowerPool website and product family have been established, add a fiat gateway, free trading between CVP and family pooled vehicles (including deprecated legacy ‘index’ products), and integrations with investor aggregation sites like Zapper, Zerion, CoinGecko, and wallet providers like Trust Wallet etc.