Vision & Value Proposition

Vision Statement English Master

🏔 PowerPool develops and operates the PowerAgent permissionless, autonomous, decentralised EVM automation network supporting both third-party and own-branded non-custodial, composable, transparently-automated DeFi smart vaults and thematic structured ‘basket’ tokens. PowerAgent allows anyone to earn by running a node/keeper, and allows anyone to syndicate and launch broadly-diversified, actively-managed, rewards-rich, gas-efficient, multi-chain, automated vaults & baskets/indices, featuring auto-harvesting and compounding of BOTH intrinsic and extrinsic yield for the token holders.

{Note: the above Vision Statement is a summary for recruiting developers, PowerAgent node/Keeper operators, CVP/xCVP stakers and members/team leaders of the DAO. It is NOT a marketing blurb. For marketing content and translations, see Marketing Content here}

Value Proposition English Master

Value Proposition:

For most DeFi investors on Ethereum, achieving actively-managed, broadly-diversified, rewards-rich and hedge-able portfolios is too expensive in terms of both gas and performance fees, both now and probably for the next few years. Investing via the PowerPool Universe offers:

  • no minimum investment-ZAP (Zapper) integration minimises gas on investment/redemption;
  • competitive active management fee on diversified ‘baskets/indices:<1% stables/2% on risk pools (100% accrues to xCVP stakers);
  • xCVP staking/pool rewards claimable (in CVP) or automatically re-invested
  • xCVP staking/redemption fee: 1% (1 week redemption delay-100% accrues to xCVP stakers)
  • xCVP>1,000 (illuminati level) gated access to analytics tracking dashboards and product development channels including project 'roadshows';
  • Access to non-public Discord channels requires minimum 100 CVP/NFT in connecting wallet (Sparkies)
  • Currently no KYC or non-inclusive, discriminatory Accredited Investor barriers
  • In future, no charge to swap/personalise exposures among PowerUniverse tokens (1 day delay);



最小投資なし - ZAP (Zapper) の統合により、投資/償還時のガスを最小限に抑えます。

多様化されたプールされた車両のアクティブ管理手数料: 2% (100% は xCVP ステーカーに発生します)

PowerPool ファミリー トークン間の交換は無料です。 (1 日遅れ)

プールの報酬は(CVP で) 請求可能または自動的に再投資されます。

xCVP ステーキング/償還手数料: 1% (1 週間の償還遅延 - 100% は xCVP ステーカーに発生します)

製品管理フォーラムのディスカッション/ロードショーへのアクセスには、最低 1,000 xCVP が必要です。

制限付きの Discord チャンネルへのアクセスには、ウォレットの接続に最低 100 CVP が必要です。

現在、KYC なし、または非包括的、差別的 認定投資家の障壁