POLYDEFI Launch Planning

POLYDEFI Launch Planning

Establish POWERPOOL<>POLYDEFI channels with our team + Polygon DAO
Balancer to agree to host launch pool w/rewards on Balancer v2 Polygon..add Balancer to Telegram
add Aave to Telegram...discuss yield options
POLYDEFI Launch Pool Underwriting Request for Bids

"PowerPool is inviting bids for guaranteeing/underwriting $US 1.0 million total of paired (80/20?) liquidity in the POLYDEFI/MATIC launch pool hosted by Balancer on Polygon for a minimum period of 6 months from launch date. In addition to the usual per-block rewards in CVP (how much? how long?) and BAL (how much? how long?), the Underwriter/Guarantor will receive an a monthly underwriting grant in CVP for each month that their liquidity provided is not less than the initial $US 1.0 million, for up to 6 months. PowerPool will harvest rewards on the constituent tokens in the POLYDEFI pool according to the yield optimization strategies agreed. Insurance on Balancer v2 pools is available from Nexus Mutual. Options to hedge POLYDEFI/MATIC exposure will be available on BETA Finance within a few months of launch. The initial launch composition of the POLYDEFI pool is available here:

Please respond with your offer in terms of the minimum monthly underwriting grant in CVP you would require to serve as Guarantor/Underwriter providing initial minting and launch pool liquidity in the POLYDEFI/MATIC launch pool.

I look forward to receiving your offers

Gordon Gekko - PowerPool