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Twitter Scripts for PowerPoolCVP
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  1. PowerPool uses the PowerAgent Automation Network to auto-harvest intrinsic yields on actively-managed, composable, non-custodial, diversified, multi-chain thematic baskets/pools tradeable by anyone
  2. PowerPool operates structured DeFi vaults and actively manages the PowerUniverse of baskets/indices using the PowerAgent Automation Network on Ethereum, BSC and soon Gnosis Chain, NEAR/Aurora, Harmony & Avalanche
  3. PowerPool provides structured DeFi products including automated vaults and diversified baskets/indices offering gas-efficient higher yield and capital efficiency
One-page selling points:

Value Proposition:

For most DeFi investors on Ethereum, achieving actively-managed, broadly-diversified, rewards-rich and hedge-able portfolios is too expensive in terms of both gas and performance fees, both now and probably for the next few years. Investing via the PowerPool Universe offers:

  • no minimum investment-ZAP (Zapper) integration minimises gas on investment/redemption;
  • competitive active management fee on diversified ‘baskets/indices:<1% stables/2% on risk pools (100% accrues to xCVP stakers);
  • xCVP staking/pool rewards claimable (in CVP) or automatically re-invested
  • xCVP staking/redemption fee: 1% (1 week redemption delay-100% accrues to xCVP stakers)
  • xCVP>1,000 (illuminati level) gated access to analytics tracking dashboards and product development channels including project 'roadshows';
  • Access to non-public Discord channels requires minimum 100 CVP/NFT in connecting wallet (Sparkies)
  • Currently no KYC or non-inclusive, discriminatory Accredited Investor barriers
  • In future, no charge to swap/personalise exposures among PowerUniverse tokens (1 day delay);

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Why PowerPool?

Why PowerPool? Master Text

Crypto DeFi on Ethereum L1 has proven attractive, but at this stage is best characterised as early-stage venture capital investment. Uncertainty, combined with the ever-present risk of ‘hacks’ involving theft of funds, suggest better risk-adjusted returns from diversified portfolios. For the average investor, achieving the requisite actively-managed, broadly-diversified exposure across many promising tokens, while aggressively staking and collecting the DeFi rewards available, and with composability permitting responsible hedging, is best achieved by saving both time and money via an activist pooled investment management platform like PowerPool.

Ethereum L1 will struggle simultaneously to transition to POS and also to scale. Despite many EVM-compliant protocols moving to alternative L1s and L2 roll-ups or sidechains, surges in transactions traffic will keep the Ethereum L1 ecosystem gas fees too high for the average investor to achieve thematically-balanced, actively-managed, broadly-diversifed, rewards-rich and hedge-able portfolio on their own. The PowerPool Universe value proposition posits that responsible investing will be multi-chain/level and that the future Ethereum ecosystem gas fee environment is best managed by pooling average investors' tokens together with thousands of others.

PowerPool ‘basket’/index tokens can be minted directly, but to save gas fees, most investors simply buy them on DEXes. The compositions/weightings of diversified token baskets are actively managed by the stakeholders of the PowerPool DAO, although the composition of some may be managed in partnership with other DAOs to provide a full range of thematic investment options; borrowing/lending, synthetic shorting, and derivatives positions using perpetual futures and options. In future, the average investor need only hold a gas-efficient self-managed mix of PowerUniverse family tokens, which can be traded/swapped gas-free on the PowerPool website.

The PowerPool DAO governance CVP tokens can be staked/redeemed as xCVP tokens, earning a share of the NAV of the DAO Treasury, essentially an ownership share in a crypto hedge fund. Quadratic voting minimises the influence of 'whales' in managing the DAO affairs via xCVP/LP CVP tokens, minimum holdings of which are also used to 'gate' access to portions of the Community's online presence, such as the Forum Product Development discussions.

What is the PowerAgent Network?

What is PowerAgent? master text

Ethereum and other EVM compatible blockchains do not offer any method for event/time triggered contingent actions to be done automatically at the appropriate times from inside a smart contract. DeFi 1.0 protocols originally developed on Ethereum were designed to be supplemented by pseudo-anonymous agents (known as Keepers). Such agents can perform limited, pre-specified event-triggered actions such as liquidating under-collateralized or re-aligning ever-changing prices across AMM pools via arbitrage.

The PowerAgent Network is PowerPool’s leading EVM-compatible general-purpose autonomous automation network. Future evolution of DeFi will demand ever-broader automation solutions, (not necessarily motivated by large incentives) dramatically expanding the current roles of ‘Keepers’ towards becoming more generalized ‘Automation Agent Networks.’ PowerPool leads the way with applying such networks to support operation of the next-generation of multi-chain/layer composable DeFi protocols.

What is the PowerUniverse?

What is PowerUniverse? Master Text

The PowerUniverse is an actively-managed 'family' of pooled investment tokens allowing any investor to take broadly diversified, hedge-able positions on emerging themes in digital assets WITH auto-harvested rewards at very low gas costs. The number of thematic pools in the PowerUniverse and their composition/weightings is constantly being adjusted by the PowerPool DAO based on continuously-monitored fundamentals and evolving sentiment among knowledgeable PowerPool xCVP stakers, known as 'Illuminati'. Once sufficient thematic tokens have been launched, PowerPool will also launch higher-level 'pools of pool's and eventually culminating in a 'flagship' $PWRPOOL token giving actively-managed, yield-bearing and hedge-able exposure to most of the pooled tokens in the PowerUniverse, effectively a 'fund of funds'.

Active vs Passive Fund Management?

Active vs Passive Fund Management Master Text

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