Marketing Memes & Imagery

Overall Market positioning: PowerPool = (aggressive) Activist Hedge Fund

Meme: Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko in ‘Wall Street’

Sample Slogans:

“Money never sleeps!

“I create nothing... I OWN!” (one of many great video clips)

“Greed is good!” (lots of good GIFs) and video clips

“Lunch is for wimps”

"A fool and his money are lucky to come together in the first place"



Sample tweet: PowerPool...if Gordon Gekko did crypto. #CVP


CVP Marketing: CVP ~= Swiss Franc (CHF)

(in crypto financial markets)

Meme: BTC=gold;ETH=silver;CVP=CHF

(USD is obviously USDT,USDC etc.)

For various historical reasons, the Swiss Franc became the most widely-used, non-reserve second currency in most post-war economies world-wide. Despite paying minimal yield, it was used as SOV (store of value) more portable than gold and less politicised/traceable than USD. Its key role in global financial markets eventually caused it to appreciate relative to other fiat values so much that ultimately, in 2015, the Swiss government/central bank was forced to act very aggressively to dampen its value and make it less attractive to global investors.


xCVP Staker Marketing: (Part) owner of a hedge fund...

Staker marketing is driven by the lure of participating in informed, data-driven investment-focussed debate with others/peers, all of whom have 'skin in the game'

PowerPool DAO Logo & Collective Symbol: "The Illuminati"


The ‘Illuminati’ meme plays on the fact that the PowerPool Forum is restricted to xCVP stakers of a certain stake size (1,000 xCVP). It also plays on the theme of (electrical) light & illumination, suggesting that PowerPool DAO is a secret collaborative group with the inside knowledge and contacts to discreetly manage world events. There is abundant imagery and meme content related to Illuminati conspiracy theories, and this meme is much more appealing to HNW (High Net Worth) sophisticated stakers than ‘funky’ degen frogs and food memes (eliminate them all!)

PowerPool Collective Community Reference: "Sparkies"

(English slang term for electricians...tons of memes)


‘Sparkies’ would collectively refer to community members, and also investors in PowerPool pooled vehicles like YLA, but not necessarily to xCVP stakers, who would be the ‘Illuminati’.

Social Media Marketing Ideas:

Entertaining/witty tweets:

Explain it like I am 3...

If crypto were breakfast, PowerPool is Nutella....


Weekly Reporting Tweets:

Example of Index Coop Weekly Tweet

Daily Tweets: Todays investment theme series:

What PowerPool Illuminati are talking about now...join us!

What if...

...Ethereum transactions demand always scales faster than it can cope at reasonable fees...even with L2s?

...Financial regulators never agree to allow transactions involving regulated securities to pass through Ethereum because of the open mempool exposed to MEV?

How should I...

...anticipate the 'flippening' in my portfolio?