MOONPOOL-Asymmetric Longshots

This is a pool for 'fun' long-shot tokens, which only make risk-return sense when combined into a large pool. Debating these will keep the Forum interesting for years to come...

iFinex/LEO - (Unus sed Leo) Bitfinex Exchange token with special buy-back provisions

By tokenizing their equity, Liti Capital decentralizes access to litigation finance, an asset class that has only been an option for wealthy investors until now. Litigation finance companies find lawsuits with large payouts and acquire a percentage of the case. This percentage is considered to be an “asset”. Then they help the plaintiff win the case and take a portion of the profits. 80% of these profits will be distributed to LITI holders as dividends. Between 5% and 10% of Liti Capital's yearly investment budget will be used to finance crypto-fraud cases that have affected our community members.

To purchase a LITI token, investors must pass KYC requirements. This token is only available for purchase on the Liti Capital website. Holding a LITI grants protections under Swiss law, dividends, and voting rights. The wrapped LITI (wLITI) does not require KYC and will debut on Uniswap and be available on other DEXs in the future.