CoinGekko: PowerPool $CVP Listing

CoinGekko: PowerPool $CVP Listing

Existing CVP Profile on CoinGecko
  • Asset Management
  • Asset-backed Tokens
  • Decentralised Finance (DeFI)
  • DeFi Index
  • Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem
  • Polygon Ecosystem
  • Gnosis Chain Ecosystem
  • Near Protocol Ecosystem
  • Yearn Ecosystem

About PowerPool DAO CVP/xCVP

PowerPool DAO actively-manages structured DeFi products including automated vaults and broadly-diversified baskets/indices offering gas-efficient higher yield, capital efficiency and better risk-adjusted returns, especially to smaller investors. PowerPool operates an increasing number of actively-managed structured DeFi vaults (known as the PowerUniverse) composable into diversified baskets/indices with auto-harvesting of optimised yields leveraging the PowerAgent Automation Network on Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains/layers like BSC, NEAR/Aurora, Harmony, Avalanche, GnosisChain, etc.

Token Rights= CVP/xCVP

The purpose of the PowerPool DAO is to execute a vision to drive maximum long-term value to the CVP/xCVP token pair. There are a number of different dynamics driving value accretion towards the CVP token.

  1. All modular vaults and diversified baskets/indices/pools earn management fees which accrue 100% to the DAO Treasury. Buying and staking xCVP entitles the staker to a share of the Treasury value, which can also benefit from capital operations like hedging;
  2. Staking xCVP entitles stakers to influence votes on meta-governance initiatives affecting other DAOS whose tokens are held in significant amounts in PowerPool baskets/indices
  3. Staking xCVP entitles stakers to influence internal PowerPool product management decisions relating to yield optimising strategies for each token in a basket, the percentage weighting of each token in a basket, the inclusion/exclusion of a token from a given basket, the proportion of a given sub-basket/pool in a higher pool-of-pools, and the decision to launch new thematic pools and pools-of-pools.
  4. The autonomous, permissionless PowerAgent automation network requires competitive staking of CVP and accrues fees in CVP. Increasing numbers of network nodes across multiple (initially EVM-compatible) chains/layers will create continuing buy pressure for significant numbers of CVP tokens;

As the size/value of the pools under DAO management grows, CVP tokens acquire more and more value due to their meta-governance power over other protocols, as well as the value of their influence over internal staking and value allocations within baskets managed by the PowerPool DAO. Like Curve veTokens, xCVP will be increasing valuable to other DAOs wishing to influence the yield strategies and token compositions of PowerPool baskets/indices.

About the PowerPool PowerUniverse

The PowerUniverse is a thematic family of actively-managed thematic pooled investment tokens allowing any investor to take broadly-diversified, hedge-able positions on emerging themes in digital assets. Thematic pool tokens like stablecoin yield optimisation pool $YLA, and DeFi ‘blue-chip’ baskets on other chains like $BSCDEFI will be increasingly composable into higher-level thematic ‘pools-of-pools’ to create ever more diversified pools that not only auto-harvest ‘intrinsic’ yield on underlying tokens for token holders, but also leverage the meta-governance power of the baskets to secure listings on borrow/lend and derivatives sites enabling harvesting of extrinsic yield, and creating volatility-reducing hedging options. The number of thematic pools, pools-of-pools and their weightings is constantly being adjusted by the DAO based on monitored fundamentals and changing sentiment among knowledgeable xCVP stakers, known as 'Illuminati'

More information

To learn more about PowerPool and the CVP token, please visit the Project Wiki and/or PowerPool’s Medium page.