Stake | DAO is moving fast with their mascot (elephant herd), new website (nice), xSDT token staking and treasury/profit sharing debates. See, for example, this proposal to the DAO on xSDT TreasuryVIPs:

Index Coop is also moving fast with mascot (owl), social media campaigns, token rewards and many partnerships. May soon launch an Ethereum-only fundamentals-driven index in partnership with Token Terminal:

Active vs Passive TradFi ETFs

Historic US SEC Regulator ruling allowing Active ETFs to manage disclosure to investors:

Top TradFi Hedge Funds:

TradFi 'Indexing' Example - MSCI

Competitor public criticism of PowerPool...largely correct, but it will be OK

Governance actions: How to whitelist a token on Bancor

Governance actions: Example of Synthetix Improvement Proposal (SIP) to add new listing: https://sips.synthetix.io/sips/sip-125

Availability of protocol abuse insurance is important:

Example of NAV-based bonding curves for staking xCVP in large amounts: