1.) Create Wiki - As the number of contributors to the DAO expands and becomes more diverse, it is important to establish a central online reference point for all key documentation that can be continuously refined and updated, providing a central starting point to coordinate content and tasks across the DAO and ‘indoctrinate’ new and prospective members regarding the vision and mission of the DAO. PowerPool has chosen this Wiki on Notion as the starting point for pivoting towards the New Vision, and as Discord, the Forum and the (BoardRoom?) Governance platforms evolve, refined and agreed content from this Wiki can be copied across to other platforms and formats;

2.) Discord Channels Re-design - The Bankless DAO Discord is a good example of how to redesign channels in Discord to screen out scammers, 'memers' and shills, attract and support/upsell to compatible investors with 'skin in the game' and accommodate SparkTeams and other task-related operations of the DAO. Via invites, participants can invite others to join and participate. Like Bankless, some channels can be gated with minimum wallet balances/NFT badges keyed to CVP/xCVP and Power Universe family products in connecting wallets;

3. New Products - Finalise specifications and listing partners for new PPDEFI and BSCDEFI DAO-managed pools, using initially fixed weights with a combination of fundamentals tracking and DAO sentiment flash polling informing periodic (say every 6 months) reviews of shortlist and weights;

4. Value Proposition, Pricing & Terms - Validate Value Proposition (and role of PowerAgent within that). Verify/affirm the future terms for pool investors and xCVP stakers. Consider options for community tracking/NFT treatment of CVP LP tokens and listings of xCVP as lending collateral;

5. Revise/Update Translations Program to systematically broadcast all new content globally;

6. Recruit existing and new members with the requisite skills and contacts into the DAP via access to this new Vision Wiki, Prepare and distribute "teaser" communications encouraging potential collaborators to apply for access to Wiki, prior to xCVP>1,000 rollout.

7. Meta-governance - Prepare to vote all the SNX under PowerPool control to sponsor/support Synthetix Improvement Proposal (SIP) to collaborate on launch and future weightings for PPDEFI/iDEFI shorts and possibly also a BSCDEFI mirror token pair, with synthetic short(s);

8. Draft series of new Proposals for exposure via Discord and the Forum, prior to submitting for DAO voting

9. Governance - Update Management Board Proposal to finalise Management Board Members.

Launch process to appoint initial Team Leaders for SparkTeams. Issue NFTs affirming roles (expiring at term end)