SparkGrow-Marketing & Partnerships

Responsible for planning and execution of all marketing and distribution partnership initiatives, as approved by the DAO

Marketing & Sales Partnerships

1. Beginning with the PowerPool Power Universe value proposition, develop a full range of marketing material and other product-specific content in multiple languages for dissemination broadly across all marketing and sales channels (see below)

Update all current listings on CoinGekko, Messari and other listing sites. For example, DeFi Prime, etc

2. Together with SparkDAO organise and conduct regular Contests and Promotions

3. Plan and conduct joint marketing with mirror/tracking synthetics/derivatives platform Partners like Synthetix and Linear for launch of PPDEFI and BSCDEFI;

4. Negotiate distribution/sales partnerships to drive investors to the Power Universe & staked xCVP

Example Distribution Partner Target list:
ConsenSys Defi Product Manager

About the Role:

The DeFi Asset Management Product Manager will work closely with the senior leadership of ConsenSys Codefi to drive the development of products, technologies, and strategies related to the asset management industry. This role will explore how traditional asset managers are likely to access the decentralized finance asset class, and deliver the products, data/analytics, and packaging necessary to reach broad adoption. The Product Manager will also work on integrating existing decentralized finance protocols (e.g., Yearn and others) into easily accessible, intuitive B2C experiences and API interfaces. The successful candidate will be able to work collaboratively and cross-functionally across ConsenSys, as well as identify and prioritize market opportunities in a quickly emerging space.

This position requires:

  • A track record of running through walls to deliver results
  • An excellent ability to bring clarity and focus to complex and ambiguous situations
  • An understanding of the investment management and asset management industries in the United States and/or Europe, and the value chain from manufacturing to distribution
  • A deep passion for the crypto ecosystem and a working knowledge of Decentralized Finance, its major protocols, and the mechanisms by which they function
  • Experience building customer-centric products and working backwards from problems to find commercial solutions
  • Superb communication and interpersonal skills, with ability to support data driven decision making and structured strategic analysis

Nice to haves:

  • A graduate degree related to finance, mathematics, or economics
  • Experience standing up ETFs, mutual or hedge funds, or other investment vehicles in a regulated environment
  • Experience with portfolio construction and asset allocation
  • Entrepreneurship, FinTech, management consulting, or investment management experience a plus

5. Institutional Investors - Develop 'pitch deck' for institutional investors promoting PowerPool as a shared operational platform and a DAO for professional fund managers to collaborate in adding flexible crypto allocations from the Power Universe of funds/pools, and fund of funds/pools of pools etc. Institutional Investor Pitch Decks

Institutional Investors to pitch - the 'hit list'
Securitize Capital backed by Morgan Stanley

The firm recently launched an asset management subsidiary, Securitize Capital, and two inaugural cryptocurrency yield funds.

Pedro Teixeira, co-head, Morgan Stanley Tactical Value Investing - who joins the Securitize board - says: “We make long-term investments in businesses and asset classes that are ahead of the curve. Our investment in Securitize is a sign that we believe in the growth and adoption of digital asset securities.”

6. Approach other DAO Treasuries who should all pursue defensive pooled diversification WITH rewards, perhaps together with Nexus Mutual, who are targeting insurance deals for DAOs diversifying. Here for example is FEI proposal to diversify DAO by buying DPI:

7. Bankless: Marketing and sales distribution agreement with Bankless DAO. Index Coop feel that they are the preferred partner of Bankless. Bankless has an interesting DAO Treasury co-investment Guild called Alpha-Wallet. PowerPool should contact members of the Alpha Wallet Guild about either YLA or PPOOL participation.


Outline PowerPool/Power Universe Marketing Plan

Our long-term message is: "smart crypto investors/funds use Power Universe from PowerPool"

The more sophisticated version of the message is that "in crypto, active management beats passive management, especially if the management fee is the same".

'Power Universe' is a portfolio brand which needs an identity and marketing push of its own,

Key Marketing Results:

  • Launch BSCDEFI and grow TVL/AUM
  • Launch PPDEFI and grow TVL/AUM
  • Grow YLA and cross-sell to other pools
  • Re-launch PPOOL as new flagship 'fund of funds' token
  • Push the 'Power Universe' as a portfolio brand acceptable to institutional investors

Advertising channels:

  • Paid campaign on Brave (also partner of Uphold) BAT
  • Social media influencers...paid & unpaid

Campaign Themes/Messaging

In the short-term (6-month timeframe), the meme objective is :

PowerPool is diversification PLUS rewards with minimal gas

Calls to Action

  • Buy/stake CVP...join the DAO to collaborate and share costs
  • Buy and manage diversified portfolio of Power Universe tokens
  • Influence active management and re-weightings of pools

Tactics to Get Attention

  • Launch of BSCDEFI (with Linear & constituent tokens)
  • Launch of PPDEFI (with Synthetix & constituent tokens)
  • (Re)launch of PPOOL 'fund of funds' flagship pool of pools

Supporting Assets to Create (see Contests and Promotions):

  • Power Universe - logo contest/branding infographics
  • $PPOOL - logo contest/branding infographics
  • $PPDEFI - logo contest/branding infographics
  • $BSCDEFI - logo contest/branding infographics