WISPOOL: Wallet, Identity & Security Proposal

Protocols which 'own' the user interface have perhaps the most options to monetise and retain users long term. Metamask is the dominant wallet on Ethereum and by introducing a swaps interface they were able to earn a dynamic service fee between 0.3% - 0.875% automatically factored into each quote. Used by more than 5 million users every month and a growing number of them are using MetaMask Swaps, which has facilitated over $2 billion USD in accumulated transaction volume over the past 6 months. India and Indonesia are both in the top 5 countries in terms of MetaMask mobile adoption, while Vietnam and Nigeria are in the top 10. Sadly, Metamask is currently effectively owned by Joe Lubin's Consensys, and has no token. That could change in future.

Brave/BAT: long term play on Web3 advertising via BAT...working with Binance Smart Wallet

Trust Wallet/TWT:

xDEFI- no token...VCs only!

Loopring/LRC: mobile first wallet & zkRollup L2 with DEX+CLOB (not composable ourside zkRollup)

Frontier/FRONT: multichain mobile first

Swipe/SXP: payments wallet- token-powered payments/wallet arm of Binance/Venus

Instadapp/INST: new token

NuCypher/NU: KEANU with KEEP


Gnosis/GNO - multisig wallets and safes

Ontology/ONT: sole identity BSC partner for decentralized identity and KYC user verification.

GridPlus/GRID: hardware wallet using existing token



Research Links

Frontier/FRONT Research